Parenting and Family Support

There are times when parenting and family support is better indicated than individual support for children and adolescents. This may occur in the case of behavioural and/or emotional difficulties in children that may be perpetuated by particular styles of parenting or difficulties in the implementation of parenting strategies.

For example, parents whose child is disruptive and oppositional are more likely to utilise consequences and limits rather than rewards and praise. They may require help to shift to more positive parenting approaches. Some difficulties are triggered by situational factors including parental discord and separation. All family members may require support to help them openly discuss these situations as well as seek solutions in order to resolve any ongoing difficulties.

Our Psychologists have extensive experience in considering whether parenting or family support is better indicated. They are able to work with parents and families in order to help them explore difficulties and move forward. We have expertise in offering group-based parenting support for a number of difficulties including disruptive behaviours and autism as well as sleeping, feeding and toileting difficulties in early childhood.
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