The Psychology and CBT Clinic is made up of a team of senior mental health and wellbeing practitioners from a varierty of disciplines, dedicated to providing the highest quality specialised care to foster meaningful and lasting change in our clients' lives.

We also have specialised team of professionals who offer continuous professional devlopment training to teachers, school staff and professionals who work within the field of mental health, including under Erasmus+. Many of our practitioners have decades of experience working both in Malta and internationally.

Our warm and inviting treatment rooms have been purposefully designed to create an environment conducive to change in our clients. We generally offer training within centrally located retreat-style settings which offer an idyllic environment to assist with your general wellbeing and learning.

Benefits and services

In order to offer the highest quality care for our clients,
The Psychology Clinic offers the following services:

Doctoral level
of training

After hours

No waiting




Flexible therapy models tailored to clients' individual needs


Our Approach
to Therapy and Training


Research consistently confirms that the key to successful therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. For therapy to be effective, clients need to feel listened to, understood and supported, therefore finding a therapist that can meet these needs and also offer the latest evidence-based approaches, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), is crucial.

Our team offers specialised treatment for children, adolescents and adults. We specialise in a variety of difficulties including anxiety and depression. We offer specialist support for under 5s, with difficulties including disruptive behaviours, separation anxiety, biting, toilet training and sleep training.

We will ensure to utilise our specialist skills in not only offering you a confidential and supportive service but in also ensuring that we select the most evidence-based therapy to help assist you to resolve your difficulties or those of your children.


Our specialists offer continuing professional development and training. We offer ongoing training to professionals who work in a number of fields, including teaching, psychology and mental health. We currently offer regular training for school staff, including teachers, school consellors and heads of discipline.

The Psychology and CBT Clinic currently offers a number of 5-day courses to assist with managing school bullying and managing disruptive behaviours in a school setting. Further information about our training can be accessed here

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